Case Study: Long life planetary thread rolling tools for the production of nails

 We explain how we worked to help a nail manufacturing company improve their thread rolling operations.

Throughout more than 80 years of history, we have worked with many customers from different industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, construction and nail manufacturing.

Thanks to our wide experience providing our customers with high quality and long life thread rolling tools, we have become preferred suppliers to renowned companies within the fastener industry with whom we have forged long-term relationships.

At HEROSLAM, we count with a good number of success stories. In this particular case, we explain how we worked to help a nail manufacturing company improve their thread rolling operations.


What was the challenge the customer was facing?

In this case, the goal was to improve the productivity of their nail thread rolling process.

During the initial contacts, the customer provided us with all the technical information about the nails that they were producing, as well as the type of machines they were using for their thread rolling operations.


How did we work to achieve an optimal result?

Thanks to our extensive know-how and experience, we have defined a thoroughly structured process to ensure the success of every new project we undertake. In this case, we defined the following steps:


Solution proposal and budget

Once the customer’s needs were clarified and all the necessary technical information was validated with the customer, we developed an initial tool design proposal that we shared with the customer. This initial proposal was slightly modified as per the customer’s feedback to our initial design proposal. Simultaneously, we presented a price quotation for the production of sample tools based on the agreed design.


Production of first samples and testing

After receiving the customer’s validation to our designs, we produced the first tool samples that we shipped to the customer for testing purposes. After receiving customer’s feedback about the results of this first tests, we conducted an analysis of potential improvements that we shared with the customer for their validation.


Production of 2.0 version samples and testing

Once the potential improvements were validated by the customer, we made the necessary adjustments to our initial design and we produced a second version of samples that we shipped to the customer for testing purposes. This iterative process allows us to ensure that the modified design meets the customer’s requirements and performs optimally in their specific production environment.


Measuring the amount of nails produced with our tools

After conducting the second round of testing, the customer achieved the desired result regarding the thread profile of the final parts. Additionally, the customer performed a comprehensive measurement of the volume of nails threaded with our planetary dies, which showed a significant improvement compared to the tools they previously used.


Production of 3.0 version samples and testing

With the aim of further increasing the volume of threaded nails per tool set, we proposed to the customer to conduct a third round of testing using tools that were coated with our special and home-made NIT coating, ideal for their thread rolling  application. This coating provides enhanced performance and durability. As a result of this third round of testing, a notable increase in the volume of threaded nails was achieved. The application of our NIT coating proved to be a valuable enhancement, further optimizing the customer’s productivity and efficiency in their thread rolling process.


What was the outcome of the project?

Thanks to the implementation of our thread rolling solution, the customer was able to thread 78% more nails than they achieved with the tools they previously used, significantly improving their productivity and reducing their thread rolling costs. Today Heroslam is their preferred supplier of planetary thread rolling tools.

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