We present our new BLOHM PROFIMAT XT grinding machine

At Heroslam, we are constantly evolving to ensure the satisfaction of our customers at all times, offering the best thread rolling solutions using the most advanced grinding technology.



We are proud to present our new BLOHM PROFIMAT XT grinding machine.

Thanks to this new and powerful grinding machine, we strengthen our production capacity for flat thread rolling dies to meet the growing demand from our customers.

We continue to invest in our factory to offer the most cutting-edge grinding technology and focus on providing our customers with the best thread rolling solutions.

Top Quality and Long Life thread rolling tools

At Heroslam, we are experts in the design and manufacturing of thread rolling tools for the production of fasteners and threaded parts for more than 80 years, mainly aimed at the automotive, aerospace, energy, construction, and wood industries (nails).

All our tools meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and durability with the help of the most advanced technology, which allows us to improve the performance of the tools we produce.

Do you want to know everything we can offer you? Contact us, and we will analyze your needs to advise you on the best thread rolling solution for your specific needs.