Balance of International Fastener Show China 2019

HEROSLAM makes positive balance of International Fastener Show China 2019

 HEROSLAM, leading manufacturer of thread rolling tools for the fastener industry, presented their latest products at this important event and makes a positive balance of IFS CHINA 2019 held in Shanghai, where the company had the opportunity to consolidate and increase their business in China.   

 HEROSAM presented their latest product innovations to their existing and potential customers. These new products and features have been conceived to meet the quality requirements of HEROSLAM’s Chinese customer base, focusing primarily on the automotive and aerospace fastener industries.

 Once again, and thanks to HEROSLAM’s long experience and deep know-how on state-of-the-art fastener threading technologies, the company presented important innovations such as the new range of thread rolling tools for the production of aerospace fasteners (flat and cylindrical) as well as the new generation of tool materials and coatings for rolling hard parts.

 HEROSLAM thread rolling tools are well known for their long service life thanks to the winning combination of special profile designs for better tool performance, first class steels and special coatings made in-house such as the world famous GG coating, that significantly increases die life when rolling hard materials.

 The show also helped HEROSLAM consolidate their position as a reference provider within the Chinese aerospace fastener industry. The company is proud to announce that more and more fastener manufacturers rely on HEROSLAM as their preferred thread rolling tool supplier.