HEROSLAM joins Fastener Excellence Center (FEX.)

The creation of the Fastening Excellence Center (FEX.) responds to the concern of several Basque companies to promote the transformation and competitiveness of the Spanish fastener industry with a medium / long-term vision.

 Located in Bergara (Basque Country, Spain), a town with a long tradition within the fastener industry that concentrates a very important hub of fastener related companies, from fastener manufacturers (bolts, screws, nuts, washers, etc) to suppliers of raw materials, heat treatment and coating services to companies that provide state-of-the-art technology such as machinery and tooling, as well as technical and R&D support.

 The recently founded FEX. clusters 18 of the most important companies within the fastener industry in the Basque Country, and it is attracting an increasing number of new partners from all over Spain.

 FEX. provides specialized support to companies in the fastener industry interested in generating added value in their value chain, with a comprehensive product-technology-market orientation. These are the main objectives of FEX.:


  • Promote the transit from a business model based only on manufacturing parts for third parties to a business model based on self-developed products and services.
  • Anticipate new business opportunities and potential risks based on an extensive market knowledge and surveillance of the fastener industry with an international scope
  • Gain market visibility and brand recognition of the Spanish fastener industry worldwide to help associated companies access to new markets
  • Access to specific technology and innovation services by connecting associated companies with the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation and other Technology Centers around the world
  • Generate know-how about fastening systems and their applications.
  • Boost collaboration strategies to take advantage of the synergies between associated companies and promote new business opportunities based on associated product and services.

 HEROSLAM is a proud member of FEX. and as an international leader in thread rolling solutions, is totally committed to collaborate with all our fellow partners at FEX. in this exciting and valuable initiative.

 For more information about FEX. and its members, visit www.fasteningexcellencecenter.com